Tomica Limited Vintage is coming soon to Singapore and Malaysia

The maker of Tomica Limited Vintage, Tomytec, Tokyo, Japan has recently appointed PT Agata Promar as the sole agent for Tomica Limited Vintage in Singapore and Malaysia (in addition to Indonesia). This also means that very soon diehard Tomica collectors in both countries will be able to easily source Tomica Limited Vintage locally with a unmatched variety of TLV selections. Currently we carry about 100 types of TLV's with new types added every month.

Tomica Limited Vintage from Tomytec is a world famous true 1/64 scale diecast with unbelieveable quality in details.

If you own a hobby shop in Singapore or Malaysia, for more information or  inquiries on how to apply to be TLV reseller, you can contact our representative in Singapore at:

PT Agata Promar continuously sources monthly TLV & TLV Neo (all releases) from Japan including selected Tomica Ebbro and other TLV lines.

Tanggal posting: 7 September, 2009